Thank you SO much for all your support so far! It is only because of people like you that we are able to carry on this ridiculous passion of ours to create amazing music experiences for young musicians who can’t do it for themselves. We don’t take it lightly that we have your endorsement, so we’ll continue to work our butts off to make you proud for believing in us! Here are some ideas of how you can take the next step in support:



Like us. We’re not just desperate for attention – it actually helps! Here’s how: the more likes we get, the more corporate sponsorships we get. They want to see we have the eyes of the community before they pay to put their name on our projects.

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Facebook – “liking” the page is great (please do that), but it really helps a whole lot more when you share our posts too! So maybe go to the page and find a few posts you like and share them and then keep an eye out for our posts in the future and share those as well

Tell with your mouth – not to down-play “social media”, but the people you use your mouth at are the people who are most like to act on what you recommend. We can get you some business cards if you think that will help too.

Testimonials – We’ll gladly collect up all the sappiest, glowing truths and half-truths you send us to put on the website for potential participants to see.

Send us our collegues – We are eager to collaborate with (and steal ideas from) anyone else out there who is promoting the arts by raising the bar and lowering the cost, so please let us know if/when you see a similar program!


Web Links – If you blog and/or run a webpage (or know someone who does), writing about, and/or adding a link to us is HUGE!

Bumper Magnets Pic coming soon They cost $5 each, but they won’t mess up your bumper.

License Plate Frames – $10 each. Man – it seems like there’s a big focus on car stuff, no? Pic coming soon

Posters and Flyers – Whether you own a business (or know someone who does) or you’re going to a concert in the park, or you think your kid’s day camp / youth group / karate club / swim team / PTA would allow flyers, just let us know where you’re going and we’ll get you as many ads as you think you’ll need


It depends on who you are – This list may trigger ideas for other things you could do. Here’s the other stuff we’re working on, in case you or someone you know has connections or experience with:
*Newpaper and TV press releases
*Article submissions for prominent magazines
*Flyers on college bulletin boards
*Door-to-door with door hangers
*Email newsletters
*Craigslist and Penneysaver ads
*Referral agreements with music stores
*Articles for parent magazines

Thanks again…really. Even the fact that you read all the way down to this means you’re more committed than any normal friend would be. You’re awesome 🙂 We will work tirelessly to make you as proud of us as we are to have friends like you!