For you – we’ll be needing music mentors to help individuals prepare for their performances. If you’d be willing to teach 1 kid how to play 1 song with the very real possibility that they’ll want to continue lessons with you, you can sign up and have exactly that opportunity.

The least we’d need from you is nothing 🙂 Fortunately for your schedule, many kids believe they’re already rock stars, so they’ll want to skip the instruction and go straight to the mic and the stage. The most we’d need is maybe some Skyping or your review of a student video or a short tutorial/cover video for a popular song (and we’ll even help you record it if you want). Whatever you’re comfortable with. You’ll never be obligated to work with anyone or continue working with anyone. It’s completely voluntary on all sides.

As long as you continue to participate we’ll put your profile in the teacher directory on the website and, of course, give you access to the eager, potential students who are asking for coaching.

And hey – if you avoid putting on recitals or just wish you could avoid it, let us do your work for you for free. Really! Your students can sign up today! Let us know if you’d like some of our business cards to put in your lobby.
Now we need your details:






Price per month for weekly, half-hour lessons

Current photo (required if you wish to be profiled in the directory)